Entrecortes, 2021

Entrecortes (or «between cuts”) is an archive, a collection of images gathered and appropriated from Brazilian news websites between 2018-2019; precarious and disposable images that come back to life within this environment, where the rhythm is defined by the speed of the click, by the destinations that each of the images hides. An experience that takes place in the tension of sounds and images, so this work is also an exercise in montage.


Entrecortes is a digital installation formed by 40 rooms, where explosions, landslides, murders, accidents, global tensions, local crises, tragic events, visions and fragments of reality are stacked, overlapped, creating new senses and temporalities, within a non-linear path.

The installation was on view at the zero-Editions website between July and August 2021. The project was developed during the accompaniment in digital art of the site aarea.co, with curators Marcela Vieira and Livia Benedetti.