VVVoyeur, 2021-2022

 Voleur is the one who steals.
Voyageur is the one who travels.
Voyeur is the one who sees.

VVVoyeur.net is a travel diary. 

 The VVVoyeur series is an ongoing series, divided into episodes, composed of video recordings of travels that take place in an alternative version of Google Street View. My interest with this series was to navigate the controversies surrounding the capture of images for a geolocation service, and mainly, how common people, amateurs deal with the possibility of recording their community, their surroundings, their personal landscapes. In VVVoyeur, we are transported inside supermarkets, offices, ruined schools, to the top of broadcast antennas, to family reunions, we are the witnesses of the captured moments, we are accomplices in the theft of these images.